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Ctube Halogen Free Solid Elbow for Rigid Conduit

Compliance Standard:

IEC61386-1, IEC61386-21



Ctube Halogen Free Solid Elbow for Rigid Conduit



LSZH CONDUIT FITTINGS. Low smoking & halogen-free conduit & fittings with high-quality standards. Which can increase the probability of rescuing trapped persons in case of fire.

HIGH QUALITY. 100% made of brand new materials with IEC / EN / ASTM approved.

HIGHER FIRE RATING. Our electrical conduit & fittings have V0 fire rating which is higher than most of our competitors, it will self-extinguished in 5 seconds after cutting of fire source to protect your safety.

UV RESISTANCE. UV resistance & explosion-proof conduit. It's a perfect match with outdoor projects such as the solar system.

EXCELLENT PHYSICAL PROPERTIES. -40℃ to +110℃ working temperature guarantee for most projects over the world.


LSZH electrical conduit & elbow are next-generation products for home improvement and industrial decoration.

Australia, Chile, and other countries have begun to mandate the use of LSZH series products for engineering project decoration. Because they learned the low smoke & halogen-free LSZH series products can protect life safety to the greatest extent. The general electrician pipe & elbow will release a large amount of black smoke when burned, and they are full of toxic gases. Once a large number of pipes are burned, black smoke will block people's sight and make search and rescue difficult. In addition, due to the toxins contained in black smoke, a large amount of human inhalation will cause the trapped people to coma or even be directly poisoned.

The LSZH product avoids such problems well. It does not produce dense black smoke when it burns, and the toxic element halogen has been removed during the manufacturing process, which can give search and rescue personnel more time to be on the scene of the fire and solve the trapped personnel.


Aging ResistanceUV stabilized
Temperature Range-40℃ to +110℃
IP Ingress ProtectionWaterproof
Raw MaterialHalogen-free thermoplastic
Color SelectionWhite/Black/Grey
Electrical CharacteristicsWith electrical insulating characteristics
Resistance to flame propagationV0

Additional properties
Products codeTypeOD(mm)ID(mm)Package

Remarks: can be customized thickness and color


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