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Ctube PVC Electrical Conduit Rigid Cable Conduit

AS/NZS 2053
EN 61386
ISO 9001:2015

Ctube PVC Electrical Conduit Rigid Cable Conduit



EUROPEAN STANDARD. It is produced in full accordance with AS/NZS 2053 standard, non-toxic, and smells. Comply with relevant EU environmental protection requirements.

HIGH QUALITY. 100% made of brand new materials with 99.8% FPY / year in-house test.

HIGH FIRE RATINGS. Our electrical cable conduit has V0 fire rating which is higher than most of our competitors, it will self-extinguished in 5 seconds after cutting of fire source to protect your safety.

UV RESISTANCE. UV resistance & explosion-proof conduit. It's a perfect match for outdoor projects.

EXCELLENT PHYSICAL PROPERTIES. Up to 1250Nt /5cm resistance to compression & 6 Joule resistance to impact.


Ctube AS series electrical conduit designed for European countries and the goal is to provide our customers with an extremely environmentally friendly experience.

For environmental protection, we believe that we should get started with raw materials. Since the establishment of Ctube, we have insisted on 100% using high-quality brand new raw materials for our product instead of recycled materials. We are refused to use recycled materials to make any products.

In the production process, we strictly control quality, reduce production loss by increasing the first pass yield( FPY ). We only deliver the best products to our customers.

Our product line has been upgraded to V0 fire rating and will extinguish itself within 5s after the fire source is cut off. And our AS conduit has excellent physical performance also, the resistance to compression & impact is also the industry leader. It greatly improves the safety and durability, we believe our customers can benefit from this.

Whether you are home or industrial decoration, we have a corresponding product line to match. Because Ctube will always focus on the field of PVC electrical conduits in the next 20 years, and we will continue to upgrade and optimize our products.


Resistance to CompressionMinimum 1250Nt/5cm
Resistance to Impact6J (at -25℃)
Minimum and Maximum Application Temperature-25℃ to +100℃
Resistance to BendingRigid
Resistance to Flame Propagation:Non-flame propagating (V0 rated)
Colour:Orange or OEM


Place of Origin:Dongguan, China
Shipping:By sea


Information to be marked on conduits:

a) The name of the manufacturer or responsible vendor, or a trademark, or other identifying symbols;

b) The nominal size;

c) The word ‘ELECTRICAL’, ‘HEAVY DUTY’ or ‘HD’;

d) Is marked with the letter ‘T’. As per AS/NZS 2053 the standard requires that conduits suitable for use in direct sunlight be marked with the letter ‘T’

e) Be marked above information is not exceeding 2m.

Ideal for installation in concrete and outdoor exposed installations that require increased safety measures and high mechanical requirements such as civil engineering (industry buildings, infrastructure projects) and electric power stations. Ideal solution for outdoor installations through its exceptional resistance to UV radiation. Their high impact strength, in a low-temperature environment, make them also ideal for cold weather conditions.

Additional properties

Conduit (HD) Orange 

SpecificationCode NO.Outer diameter
Wall Thickness

Remarks: can be customized thickness and color


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