CSA Rigid Type DB2/ES2 PVC Conduit Duct Pipe

Quality Certification:

–  CSA Certified, CSA C22.2 No.211.1 Standard

ctube certication

Product Details & Specifications

CSA certified, in accordance with C22.2 No. 211.1-06
•  type DB2/ES2 for direct burial or encasement in concrete or masonry
•  high-impact and crush strength
•  Self extinguishing, fire resistant

•  Smooth interior and outside
•  Standard lengths 10 feet and 20 feet with a belled end or not. Other lengths can be customized for specific applications.
•  Size: 2, 3, 3-1/2, 4, 4-1/2, 5, 6


ltem No.TradeSizeMetricSizeAverage OD(mm)Min Average ID


Conduit shall be legibly and durably marked with letters and numbers in a colour that contrasts with the

conduit. The following information shall be repeated at intervals not greater than 1.5 m:

  1. a) the manufacturer’s name, trademark, or other recognized symbol of identification;
  2. b) “EB1” or “DB2/ES2”;
  3. c) “conduit”;
  4. d) the metric designator and trade size;
  5. e) “PVC”;
  6. f) the date of manufacture or the manufacturer’s code; and
  7. g) “CSA C22.2 No. 211.1”.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your MOQ?

Actually, It has always depend on your order quantity, different items have different minimum quantity . As for our conduits, it should be 3000 meters for big size ; and 5000 -10000 meters for small size. For junction box and other boxes ,the moq may be 5000 pcs and the fittings would be more than 10,000pcs

Normally, the time of delivery is around 15-30 days. It depend on your order quantity. If you order a big quantity, it will take more time to finish.

 We usually ship the cargo via Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

We accept 50% T/T in advance, 50% balance, or 100% L/C.

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