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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the different between schedule 40 and schedule 80 PVC pipe?

These two pipes are just a standard. The most critical parameter is thickness. Schedule 80 is much thicker than Schedule 40 PVC pipe, and Sch 80 pipe is gray or dark gray in general. Sch 40 PVC pipe is white compared with the same period, and the thickness is thinner than Sch 80 PVC pipe. So it is obvious from the comparison of the two parameters. Schedule 40 PVC pipe can be considered for home improvement or indoor decoration, while Schedule 80 PVC pipe is much stronger, so it can be considered for outdoor projects.

According to the customers we serve, the length of most customer requirements is as follows: 3 Meters (9.84 ft) 6 Meters (19.69 ft) 12 Meters (39.37 ft, only for special project) Reasonable length is convenient for long-distance transportation and installation. Normally, electrical pipes are loaded in containers when they are shipped abroad, and then delivered by sea. Even short-distance transportation requires the use of trucks. If it is too long, it is not easy to load and accidents are prone to occur. In addition, shorter pipes are also easy to install, because we also need multiple pipes in most cases during installation.

Considering most of buyer can learned about the basic information from the marking on conduit body,so we take an example as below, Information to be marked on conduits: a) The name of the manufacturer or responsible vendor, or a trademark, or other identifying symbol; b) The nominal size; c) The word ‘ELECTRICAL’, ‘HEAVY DUTY’ or ‘HD’; d) Is marked with the letter ‘T’ . As per AS/NZS 2053 the standard requires that conduits suitable for use in direct sunlight be marked with the letter ‘T’ e) Be marked ‘Solar’. f) Be marked above informations not exceeding 2m.

PVC, like other plastics, is often accompanied by many impurities after being eliminated and used, and it needs to be sorted before it can be recycled. The early physical recycling and burning recycling methods have been eliminated. The quality of the plastic materials recycled by the former is not good because it is difficult to sort. The latter is harmful to the environment because many harmful gases are released during the burn of PVC to pollute the environment. Therefore, at present, only chemical recycles methods can be used to do this. Chemical recycles can get higher quality recovery, but the cost is high.

Blue: Potable Water White: Irrigation and Water Green: Sewer Purple: Reclaimed Water Gray: Electrical Conduit

Where is Ctube’s PVC Pipe produced?

Our PVC pipe is produced in China and designed in Taiwan. PVC pipe sold in the world is manufactured at 2 different facilities located in China.

Actually, It has always depend on your order quantity, different items have different minimum quantity . As for our conduits, it should be 3000 meters for big size ; and 5000 -10000 meters for small size. For junction box and other boxes ,the moq may be 5000 pcs and the fittings would be more than 10,000pcs


Can customized logo on the conduits and fittings?

Yes, we can customized logo on the conduits and fittings.


Can I visit your facilities?

Yes, you are welcome to visit our company, and please make an appointment with us in advance.

We are located in Dongguan, Guangdong, China.  Please refer to our contact information for detailed address.

Please submit a general inquiry on our online contact form.

If you have additional questions please don’t hesitate to send us an email ( We respond to customers within 24 hours.

Yes, for an in-stock product, we will send a limited number of free samples. 


What is your payment term?
We accept  T/T or  L/C.


What is your delivery time ?

Normally, the time of delivery is around 15-30 days. It depend on your order quantity. If you order a big quantity, it will take more time to finish

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