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Ctube Conduit Coupling PVC Conduit Expansion Accessories

AS/NZS 2053
Light Aging Test UV
EN 61386
ISO 9001: 2015

Ctube Conduit Coupling PVC Conduit Expansion Accessories



Ctube solar electrical conduit coupling designed for outdoor projects or home decoration purposes. It greatly improved the anti-UV and anti-aging performance.

The general plastic junction box couplings and fittings will be accelerated aging speed if exposed to the sun or exposed outside for a long time. Which will lead to damaged or cracks of the surface. So we started to optimize the formula of the electrician pipe to greatly improve the performance and ensure long-term outdoor use.

We not only take samples and test each batch of products before shipment, but we also get the related certification from SGS. We have professional equipment and instruments for sample or mass product tests of each lot and test in our laboratory 100+ hours each to make sure the product performance is stable before delivery to customers.

Whether you are applying it to outdoor decoration, or arranging wires in the yard, or even connecting to a solar power system, it can provide you with the best protection.


UV RESISTANCE. Extremely UV resistance & explosion-proof performance for approved by SGS aging test. It's a perfect match for outdoor projects such as the solar system.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS. 100% made of brand new materials with EN, AS/NZS approved.

PVC CONDUIT COUPLING. Electronic & heat insulation, lightweight, long-lasting, recyclable, and waterproof. Which are advantages comparing with metallic electrical boxes. 

HIGH FIRE RATINGS. V0 fire rating means higher than most of the competitors on the market, it will self-extinguished in 5 seconds after cutting of fire source to protect your safety.

EXCELLENT PHYSICAL PROPERTIES. -25℃ to +100℃ working temperature guarantee for most projects all over the world.


Raw MaterialPVC
Ingress ProtectionIP 65
Minimum and Maximum Application Temperature-25℃ to +100℃
Electrical Characteristicswith electrical insulating characteristics
Resistance to Flame Propagation:Non-flame propagating (V0 rated)
Resistance to UV:Extreme resistance to UV radiation

Additional properties
SpecificationCode NO.Inner diameter
Outer diameter
Inner Packing
(pcs/bag or box)
Outer Packing

Remarks: can be customized thickness and color


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