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Taiwan Ctube Pipe Industry Technology Co., Ltd.

Sevrice Hotline: 400-992-3828
Factory Centre A

Guangdong Ctube Industry Co., Ltd.

A、B、C Zone, ChenTan NiNiu Industry JiaoLi Viliage ZhongTang Town Dongguan City China.

T: +86 769 8120 0072
F: +86 769 8120 0075
Factory Centre B

Ctube (Lechang) Pipe Industry Technology Co., Ltd.

No. 12, Huanyuan East Road, Lechang Industrial Transfer Industrial Park, Lechang City, Shaoguan City, China

T: +86 751 5583 311
F: +86 751 5583 399
Ctube Marketing Sales Centre

Ctube Marketing Sales Centre

No. 01, 15th Floor, Sunbelieve International Building, Wanjiang District, Dongguan City, China

T: +86 769 8120 071
Ph: +86 158 1771 8199

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Product Name: Ctube Electric Connection Box 3 Way AU Standard Deep Wiring Box

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Guangdong Ctube Industry Co., Ltd.
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