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Low Smoke Halogen Free Conduit and Fittings

Our LSZH rigid conduit systems boast exceptional flame-retardant properties and emit significantly reduced levels of smoke and noxious fumes when exposed to fire. This makes them ideal for use in sensitive areas like public buildings, transportation facilities, and data centers where minimizing risk to human life and property is crucial. On the other hand, our LSZH corrugated conduit offers the same remarkable fire-safety benefits while providing excellent flexibility, allowing for easier installation in intricate spaces and dynamic applications where adaptability is key.

Complementing these conduits, we provide a full line of LSZH fittings that have been carefully crafted to maintain the integrity of the conduit system and ensure reliable, code-compliant connections. These fittings pair seamlessly with our LSZH conduit, reinforcing the overall safety profile of your electrical installations.

As a dedicated LSZH conduit and fittings manufacturer, Ctube is committed to advancing the safety and sustainability standards in the electrical industry. By choosing our LSZH conduit and fittings series, you’re investing in a solution that prioritizes human safety, minimizes environmental impact, and enhances the overall resilience of your electrical infrastructure. Together, we’re paving the way for safer, more environmentally friendly electrical installations worldwide.

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