Ctube Congratulates the Formal Establishment of Public Building Decoration Engineering Branch of China Building Decoration Association

In order to promote the high-quality development of the building decoration industry, the inaugural meeting of the Public Building Decoration Engineering Branch of the China Building Decoration Association (CBDA) and the Entrepreneurs’ Forum on “Confirm Confidence and Convergence Developments”, which was hosted by the China Building Decoration Association (CBDA) and organized by the Public Building Engineering Branch of the CBDA, was successfully held on November 3, 2023 in Beijing.

In this meeting, leaders of the association, industry experts, heads of building decoration enterprises, media and other important guests gathered together to witness the development of the construction industry, analyze the development trend of the building decoration engineering industry, analyze the latest policies of the construction industry, and discuss the market dynamics and new direction of the industry development. Ctube, as a supporting unit of the meeting, was invited to attend the meeting.

Ctube is a national high-tech enterprise, specialized and sophisticated enterprises, focusing on the global customization of electrical conduit, and is the first UL listed and CSA certified Chinese manufacturer. Ctube’s products include UL, CSA, AS/NZS Standard series PVC conduit, Low Smoke Halogen Free, Solar Energy electrical conduit, etc. Ctube provides competitive solutions for installations, finishes, airports, schools, bridges, tunnels, hotels, hospitals, government projects, outdoor photovoltaic, wind farms and other application fields. Currently, the company is involved in major overseas projects such as the world’s largest Abu Dhabi Al Dhafra PV2 photovoltaic power plant, 2.6GW photovoltaic power plant in Saudi Arabia, Melbourne Metro in Australia, and CHPE in the United States.

Public Building Decoration Engineering Branch of China Building Decoration Association is a direct branch of China Building Decoration Association. In 2023, it was decided by the association to reorganize the former Green Construction Branch and Full Decoration Industry Branch to set up the China Decoration Public Decoration Branch. China Decoration’s Public Decoration Branch will rely on the influence and cohesion of the Association in the industry to study the direction and mode of development of the field of public building decoration engineering and its upstream and downstream industries in the industry, and guide the standardized development of enterprises.

The main contents of this conference include:

●Policy Analysis

●TOP entrepreneurs talk forum

●Specialized and sophisticated enterprise’s innovative development road

●The whole industry chain empowering integration and gathering development

Sharing and discussion by well-known enterprises in the industry.

Zhang Jingyue, vice president and secretary-general of China Building Decoration Association, said in his speech: the building decoration industry is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading, realizing high-quality development, and the 20th Party Congress explicitly calls for the implementation of the new development concept, accelerating the construction of a new development pattern, and striving to promote high-quality development, which is a new development concept that points out the direction for the development of the decoration industry. Through the convening of this conference, it is hoped that the internal communication and cooperation of the public building decoration engineering industry can be promoted, enterprise linkage can be strengthened, and the wisdom of the industry elites can be gathered, and paths and methods that can help the industry develop in a healthy and sustainable way will certainly be found.

This conference discusses in-depth issues related to all aspects of the building decoration industry, as far as the building decoration industry is concerned, what is the current status of the industry? What is the future direction? Where are the opportunities for enterprises to break through? …… These issues are closely related to the survival of industry colleagues, touching the hearts of everyone present, but also the first issue to be discussed in this forum, in this regard, the State Council Development Research Center, Director of the Research Office of the Department of Foreign Economic Studies – Zong Fangyu said that in 2023, the building decoration shows great potential for development, because, at present, China’s building Decoration demand is expanding, the state also attaches great importance to the development of supporting materials industry, and constantly introduced new policies to encourage the popularization and application of new materials to promote China’s building decoration industry is gradually maturing, the future of China’s building decoration industry as a whole to accelerate the upgrading and transformation, will drive the rapid development of domestic construction and decoration materials enterprises.

A number of TOP entrepreneurs together shared talks on hot issues in the public building decoration engineering industry, and exchanged views on the development overview and development trend of the building decoration industry in various regions.

The convening of this conference is of great significance to promote the internal communication and cooperation of the public building decoration engineering industry, strengthen the enterprise linkage and promote the prosperous development of the public building decoration engineering industry.

Innovation is the core of enterprise development, Ctube will plough into the field of electrical piping, take innovation as the driving force, technology as the support, quality as the core, market-oriented, continue to increase investment in research and development, and constantly optimize the product structure of home decoration and public decoration, enhance the innovation and added-value of the products, and at the same time, further expand the market of different applications at home and abroad, enhance the competitiveness of the brand of Ctube and establish strategic cooperative relationships with more excellent At the same time, we will further expand the market of different application fields at home and abroad, enhance the competitiveness of Ctube brand, and establish strategic cooperative relationship with more excellent partners to jointly promote the development and progress of the electrical piping industry, and make contributions to the prosperity of the public building decoration engineering industry.

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