Ctube at the China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair 2022

On July 11, the China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair 2022, a 4-day event organized by China Foreign Trade Center Group Limited and China Building Decoration Association, came to a successful conclusion.

As the world’s leading PVC electrical conduit solution service provider, Ctube, focusing on medium and high-end conduit customization, made a shining appearance at booth #5.2-33 in the Canton Fair Hall and received wide attention from industry associations, entire custom home furnishing brands, real estate developers, designers, construction contractors and tv medias.

Our booth area is the largest since the establishment of the brand, divided into four thematic areas: custom homes, “assembly type” European standard 8 precision systems, engineering cables and photovoltaic conduits, and new brands “Leeng” providing a good communication platform and channels for our customers during the exhibition.

During the exhibition, the highlights of “assembly type” European standard 8 precision system exhibition theme wall and transparent conduit display in the exhibition hall not only attracted the attention of many main tv medias, but also had many visual designers taking photos on site. Our booth became a bright business card of the home construction industry in this exhibition.

In recent years, people’s demand for home building materials in environmental protection and pressure on the quality of increasingly high, and electrical conduit as a segment of the construction industry is increasingly concerned by users and construction parties. Concealed engineering is directly related to the user’s home experience. How to make the concealed project, become sunshine project, rest assured that the project and conscience project, become a common topic of discussion and focus of the building materials industry.

Ctube focuses on mid- and high-end wiring customization, and promotes material research and development with forward-looking ideas, officially releasing the “assembly type” European standard eight precision systems at the exhibition. Its series of products won the national patent certificate of relevant technology, systematically solving the painful problems of wall, floor and ceiling wiring.

Nowadays, “customization” has become the trendsetter of the industry, and Ctube has shown in this exhibition that we can better meet consumers’ needs for upgrading their home life.

In an interview with Guangdong TV, Ctube’s regional director said: “As a brand in the home construction and decoration industry, Ctube is driving industrial change with innovative technology. -Ctube, with innovative technology to drive industrial change, Ctube Group’s European standard assembly electrical piping brand – LEENG, was born in line with the trend. “LEENG conduit continues Ctube’s assembly concept, solving the environmental protection and wiring process difficulties.

In order to reshape the brand influence and competitive landscape, Ctube showcased a new field in this exhibition – engineering cable duct and photovoltaic solar conduit. Ctube is committed to become a global professional brand of electrical tubing by providing competitive solutions in the application fields.

Ctube will resonate with the national strategy, industry iteration and home development, aggregate brand value and influence, provide competitive supporting solutions, products and services for users, and lead the PVC electrical conduit industry to build a new development pattern. Next year at the China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair 2023, we will meet you again.

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