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Ctube was awarded 'Best Partner' by Xingyi Decoration

Sep. 01, 2022

Xingyi Decoration company members standing up in the glorious ballroom.

"Thirty years old and starting again, craftsmanship builds dreams to create the future." On August 15, the 30th anniversary commendation meeting of Guangdong Xingyi Decoration Group was held in Guangzhou, China, with Yu Gong, the founder of Xingyi Decoration, Tu Jie, Luo Zhaoqiu, Yu Baisheng, Yu Min, Zhou Xiaolin, Wen Hongwei, Cheng Bi and other members of the group's decision-making committee attending the commendation meeting. Ctube, the world's leading electrical conduit system provider, was invited to attend the conference.

The red wall showing that Xingyi Decoration has Ctube among its strategic brands.

As a practical enterprise focusing on the design and construction of decoration projects, Xingyi Decoration has been adhering to the service heart of "designing happiness and building a home for love" for 30 years, and abiding by the core values of "customer approval, employee attachment, and social respect", and doing a good job of decoration, so that people who love family can live in a home with love.


After thirty years of hard working, Xingyi Decoration has 480+ directly-managed companies nationwide. Xingyi employees who stick to the original intention are spread all over the north and south of China, and have been serving customers wholeheartedly for thirty years, making Xingyi Decoration the common choice of millions of families.

Liu Xiaoyi, president of China Building Decoration Association (CBDA), , was speaking on the big screen on the stage.

Liu Xiaoyi, president of China Building Decoration Association (CBDA), pointed out in his video message that in the 30 years of development, Xingyi Decoration has kept pace with the times, built homes and dreams in creation and innovation, consciously abided by industry standards, maintained the industry order and promoted the development of the industry. It has set an example for the industry and become a leader in the development of the industry in terms of environmental protection home, industry integrity, design culture, labor and employment, cultivation of talents and industrial achievements.

Yu Gong, the founder of Xingyi Decoration, was speaking.

In his speech, Yu Gong, the founder of Xingyi Decoration, encouraged his staff to "start again at the age of 30" and to "treat Xingyi Decoration as a university, with customers as students and staff as instructors", so as to gather cultural power, strengthen cultural self-confidence, design happiness, cultivate art and plant virtue, so that every family can have art and a future.

Yu Min, Chairman and President of Guangdong Xingyi Decoration Group, was speaking.

"30 years, building ten thousand homes with vigor; 30 years, starting again with oars and waves." Yu Min, Chairman and President of Guangdong Xingyi Decoration Group, gave a keynote report at the celebration. In the past 30 years, the colorful chapter of "love small family, for everyone, build ten thousand homes" written by Xingyi people with heart and soul has proved the originality and perseverance of countless entrepreneurs, manifested the struggle and pride of thousands of Xingyi employees, and forged the success and brilliance of Xingyi business.

12 company staff of Xingyi Decoration who received the "Meritorious Person" award took a group photo on stage

Reviewing Xingyi Decoration's 30 years of winding, arduous and magnificent entrepreneurial history, in order to witness the honor of merit and commend the advanced models, in the commendation conference, Xingyi Decoration has set up nine awards for the 30th anniversary of its establishment, including "Meritorious Person Award", "Excellent Manager Award" and "Outstanding Person Award" to commend the teams and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to Xingyi Decoration. The "Outstanding Person" awards include front-line workers, designers, marketing specialists, financial personnel, department managers and manager representatives.

The glorious ceremony hall was filled with Xingyi Decoration employees

Ctube was awarded as "Best Partner" in Xingyi Decoration Group's 30th anniversary award ceremony. This is both a recognition and an encouragement for Xingyi Decoration and Ctube to work together in the field of electrical conduit to create a comfortable and healthy living space and enhance the happiness of life.

Yumin and Jessie Wei, President of Ctube, jointly raised the "Best Partner" award on stage. 

Ctube will, as always, stick to our original intention, continue to innovate, provide more competitive solutions, products and services for the majority of users, empower home decoration brands, and promote the development and progress of the industry.

A female Ctube employee sits at a Ctube display table filled with brochures, conduits and fittings.

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