What is Clear PVC Pipe?

Clear PVC Pipe

Clear PVC pipe, you can be called clear PVC tubing or transparent PVC pipe.

Actually, it is just a different formula from general PVC pipes. But why should it be talked about separately? Because the transparent pipe makes it more ‘good-looking’, it also has a higher price compared with grey PVC pipe.

Clear PVC pipe, its classification is almost the same as that of ordinary PVC pipes. Some are used for electrical wires and some are used for drainage. For example, clear schedule 40 pipes. The tubing used for electrical wires has been optimized in terms of insulation and resistance to high voltage and impact, which can better protect your safety.

In addition, you can see on the Internet that some DIY fans like to use transparent flexible pipes for home improvement projects, which are used for drainage or water. Yes, that’s right, that’s exactly the PVC transparent tube we talking about. When you install them outdoors project, you can easily see the size of the water flow, which looks very good. But in fact, in ordinary home decoration, especially sewage pipes, clear PVC pipes are generally not applied.

1. How to make clear PVC tubing?

In fact, this is just adding a special formula to make PVC appear transparent without significantly changing the characteristics of PVC and ensuring mass production of the factory. When the PVC and additives are mixed, under the high temperature and high pressure of the extrusion molding equipment, a similar transparent state can appear. Other production processes are the same as ordinary PVC pipes.

If you got interested in the full process of PVC pipe product, you can read our last post.

2. The Pros & Cons of Clear PVC Pipe?

Clear PVC Pipe


In addition to the above-mentioned water flow can be observed during outdoor construction, this is for water pipes. As to electrician pipes, it is also a similar principle. You can easily check the condition of the wires in the conduit during construction or maintenance, which is convenient for troubleshooting and quickly confirming the problem. For example, the wires are knotted, broken, or have other problems. You can double-check it at any time.

It is a great feature that why our customers like it very much because it does bring convenience to construction and save your labor cost.

Other benefits are not much different from grey PVC electrical conduits, such as insulation, lightweight, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, and moderate price.


The UV resistance of transparent PVC is not as good as that of gray PVC pipe. After long-term use, especially outdoor use will accelerate the aging or yellow appearance, which does not look so good anymore. In severe cases, it will affect the observation of internal wiring.

The second is that it is expensive. Which is much more expensive than ordinary gray PVC pipes of the same level. Generally speaking, in the case of the same size and diameter, the retailer price of clear PVC pipe is 40-50% higher than that of white PVC pipe.

Third, storage is more difficult. Because of the transparent appearance, you need to be careful when storing and transporting, otherwise, the pipe will be scrapped directly if it is scratched (we call it an “appearance defect”). And it is necessary to monitor the warehouse temperature and environment to avoid excessive aging caused by direct sunlight or UV exposure. Therefore, this is also one of the main reasons why transparent PVC electrical wires are more expensive than the former.

3. How Long Does Clear PVC Pipe Lasting?

Clear PVC Pipe

Like ordinary PVC electric wire and tube, it can easily exceed 100 years. After all, they are all made of the same raw material, but the additive formula is different. Therefore, they are not much different from ordinary PVC electrical wires in terms of stability and other properties. Similarly, it is also recyclable for clear PVC pipes.

Do I need to purchase the clear PVC pipe for decoration?

For general home decoration, we do not recommend that you choose clear PVC pipe, because the cost is a lot higher than grey electrical PVC pipe. But if you have this requirement, of course, you can.

After all, it is still a PVC electrical conduit, inheriting almost all the advantages of a PVC electrical conduit. As for its shortcomings, if you can accept it, of course, this is not a big problem.

4. Is clear PVC pipe strong?

As I mentioned above, clear PVC pipe is different from ordinary PVC wiring pipe, but the additive formula is different, and their raw materials are the same, so its strength is no different from general PVC wire pipe. For products sold in the North American market, we also have UL certification, where the tensile strength can reach the highest 5000 psi. If you have interested in this, you can simply click here to read the full page and learn more about the information.

So you don’t have to worry about the strength of a clear PVC pipe, because it looks amazingly strong and rigid conduit. I suggest you pay more attention to your needs when choosing the electrical PVC pipe based on your project.

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