Ctube ENT Conduit Electrical Flexible Pipe Nonmetallic Raceway UL Listed Corrugated PVC Conduits – Blue

Quality Certification:

– UL Listed

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Product Details & Specifications


In current projects, we need a product that is lightweight, easy to bend, and resistant to corrosion. It can help us install and wire in more complex landscapes such as corners. It is the origin of ENT flexible electrical conduit.

We need higher-grade raw materials, better design, and production processes than a normal flexible conduit. To meet the relevant requirements of UL 1653, we have upgraded raw materials, processes, and formulations. At present, our quality has fully met or exceeded the relevant requirements of UL.

At the same time, to adapt to harsh environments such as being directly buried in concrete, we have fully considered every detail of the product to ensure that the corrugated pipe will not have problems in actual use (such as a wall or floor installation).

In a word, ENT flexible electrical conduit is lightweight, high strength, can be directly buried, and easily and completely adapted to different environments, saving many labor costs for your project. So it is widely used in home decoration, hospitals, government projects, etc.



UL LISTED. Ctube ENT flexible conduit are UL listed. And the quality meets or exceeds UL standards.

Concrete Tight. Perfect match with concrete and underground environments, We offer up to 50 years of warranty and ensure you use it confidently.

Impact Resistant. Up to 2.7J (2.0ft-lbf), anti-impact won’t break or crack when installed.

High Fire Rating. UL94 fire rating. Cut off the fire source will extinguish itself within 5s to ensure the safety of your project.

Flexible & Strong. Up to 170 lbs pull resistant yet very flexible, for easy pulling wires in the corner.

Trusted Partner. 11+ years of export experience to Unite States and services 100+ companies in USA & Canada. Ctube is the most trusted supplier of electrical pipes in Asia.


Impact Resistant 2.7J (2.0ft-lbf)
Anti-Bend Up to 4448N (1000 lb),   No Cracked
Pull Resistant Up to 170 lbs
Fire Resistant 2 Hour & 4 Hour Noncombustible
Concrete Tight UL Approved
Tension Test Up to 134N (300lbf)
Permanency of Printing Yes
Rust   & Sunlight Resistant Yes
Color Grey, Blue, Red, Yellow or Customized
Material PVC
Customized Services Available
Place of   Origin Dongguan, China
Shipping By sea or air
Length By Pack


The following should be clearly and permanently marked on the ENT tube at intervals of not more than 1.5 m (60 in):


a) the manufacturer’s name, trademark or other recognized identifier;

b) “ENT” type;

c) construction material “PVC”;

d) Metric and Imperial dimensions, such as 16 (1/2);

e) “FT4” when tested according to clause 7.3; CSA C22.2 NO.227.1-06 UL 1653 21

f) production code (date of manufacture);

g) “for residential attics 900 mm (3 ft) above the bottom of the ceiling joists” when the ENT material complies with clause 4.1.4;

h) In the United States, when the manufacturer has multiple plants producing electrical non-metallic bellows, identify the production plant. In Canada, subparagraph (h) does not apply.

i) In Canada, trade size 63 (2-1/2) should be marked “Canada Only”.


The smallest package of finished cut lengths, rolls or reels shall be marked with:

a) the manufacturer’s name, trademark or other recognized identifier;

b) “ENT” type;

c) construction material “PVC”;

d) Metric and Imperial dimensions, such as 16 (1/2);

e) the total length of the product in the package;

f) the manufacturer’s instructions for fixing the solvent connection fittings (this mark may appear on the packaging or in the accompanying booklet);

g) “For residential attics 900 mm (3 ft) above the bottom of the ceiling joists” when the electrical non-metallic bellows material complies with Section 4.1.4.

h) In Canada, trade size 63 (2-1/2) should be marked “Canada Only”.

Additional properties

Ctube ENT Coils – Blue Stripe

Size(in) Part No. OD(in) ID(in) Length Feet
1/2 CT-ENTFC12 0.840 0.574 200
3/4 CT-ENTFC19 1.050 0.778 100
1 CT-ENTFC25 1.315 1.000 100
1-1/4 CT-ENTFC31 1.660 1.340 500
1-1/2 CT-ENTFC38 1.900 1.610 300
2 CT-ENTFC50 2.375 2.020 225


Ctube ENT Reels – Blue Stripe

Size(in) Part No. OD(in) ID(in) Length Feet
1/2 CT-ENTFR12 0.840 0.574 1500
3/4 CT-ENTFR19 1.050 0.778 1000
1 CT-ENTFR25 1.315 1.000 750
1-1/4 CT-ENTFR31 1.660 1.345 1000
1-1/2 CT-ENTFR38 1.900 1.610 750
2 CT-ENTFR50 2.375 2.020 500
2-1/2 CT-ENTFR38 2.866 2.469 325

Remarks: can be customized thickness and color.


Prefabricated Buildings

Direct Burial


Floor & Ceiling


OEM Service: Markings, thicknesses and colors of products can be customized.

FAQ and Answers

 if it is your first time to find a conduit manufacturer or supplier, it is a sure way
that you have some questions. So, read on and learn more!

What is your MOQ?

Actually, It has always depend on your order quantity, different items have different minimum quantity . As for our conduits, it should be 3000 meters for big size ; and 5000 -10000 meters for small size. For junction box and other boxes ,the moq may be 5000 pcs and the fittings would be more than 10,000pcs

Normally, the time of delivery is around 15-30 days. It depend on your order quantity. If you order a big quantity, it will take more time to finish.

 We usually ship the cargo via Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

We accept 50% T/T in advance, 50% balance, or 100% L/C.

Please submit a general inquiry on our online Contact Form. If you have additional questions please don’t hesitate to send us an email .We respond to customers within 24 hours.

Yes, you are welcome to visit our company, and please make an appointment with us in advance;

Yes,of course.We offer free samples.

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The Ctube facility, located in Dongguan City and Lechang City of China, is China’s leading and advanced production facility for manufacturing PVC conduit. Our facility strives to meet all industry standards and to achieve the certifications that demonstrate our company’s dedication to meeting environmental and system management requirements. Ctube strictly follows the system under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.  In manufacturing our national certification products, we are committed to electrical safety, cost-effectiveness, and ease of installation

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