Ctube PVC Junction Box Electrical Plastic Adaptable Box External for Wiring Cable Conduit – White

Quality Certification:
– AS/NZS 2053 Approved.
– IEC61386, ISO, ASTM, UL94 Approved

ctube certication

Product Details & Specifications

Ctube AS series electrical conduit & fittings designed for Australia standard and the goal is to provide our customers with an extremely environmentally friendly experience.

For environmental protection, we believe that we should get started with raw materials. Since the establishment of Ctube, we have insisted on 100% using high-quality brand new raw materials for our product instead of recycled materials. We are refused to use recycled materials to make any products.

In the production process, we strictly control quality, reduce production loss by increasing the first pass yield( FPY ). We only deliver the best products to our customers.

Our product line has been upgraded to V0 fire rating and will extinguish itself within 5s after the fire source is cut off. And our AS conduit and fittings has excellent physical performance also, the resistance to compression & impact is also the industry leader. It greatly improves the safety and durability, we believe our customers can benefit from this.

Whether you are home or industrial decoration, we have a corresponding product line to match. Because Ctube will always focus on the field of PVC electrical conduits in the next 20 years, and we will continue to upgrade and optimize our products.


  • AUSTRALIA STANDARD. AS/NZS 2053 approved, non-toxic, and smells. Comply with relevant EU environmental protection requirements.
  • HIGH QUALITY. 100% made of brand new materials with 99.8% FPY / year in-house test.
  • HIGH FIRE RATINGS. Our electrical adaptable box has V0 fire rating which is higher than most of our competitors, it will self-extinguished in 5 seconds after cutting of fire source.
  • UV RESISTANCE. Extremely UV resistance & explosion-proof conduit boxes. It’s a perfect match for outdoor projects.
  • EXCELLENT PHYSICAL PROPERTIES.Works well from -40℃ to +110℃ and maximum protection of your cables inside..



Ctube 85-300mm Adaptable Boxes are used for enclosing junctions, extending circuits and terminating cable lengths both with and without knockouts. 

Manufacturing Capability

– Production capacity: 20000 units per week

– Packaging methods: plastic bags & PE films

Size Chart

Product CodeSize (LxWxH)Inner PackingOuter Packing
CT-ASPJW856285x85x62mm1 unit/box96 boxes/carton
CT-ASPJW10850108x108x50mm1 unit/box63 boxes/carton


1 unit/box45 boxes/carton


163x108x81mm1 unit/box42 boxes/carton
CT-ASPJW21181211x108x81mm1 unit/box18 boxes/carton
CT-ASPJW300152300x200x152mm1 unit/box4 boxes/carton
CT-ASPJW300200300x200x200mm1 unit/box4 boxes/carton

FAQ and Answers

 if it is your first time to find a conduit manufacturer or supplier, it is a sure way
that you have some questions. So, read on and learn more!

What is your MOQ?

Actually, It has always depend on your order quantity, different items have different minimum quantity . As for our conduits, it should be 3000 meters for big size ; and 5000 -10000 meters for small size. For junction box and other boxes ,the moq may be 5000 pcs and the fittings would be more than 10,000pcs

Normally, the time of delivery is around 15-30 days. It depend on your order quantity. If you order a big quantity, it will take more time to finish.

 We usually ship the cargo via Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

We accept 50% T/T in advance, 50% balance, or 100% L/C.

Please submit a general inquiry on our online Contact Form. If you have additional questions please don’t hesitate to send us an email .We respond to customers within 24 hours.

Yes, you are welcome to visit our company, and please make an appointment with us in advance;

Yes,of course.We offer free samples.

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Ctube, as a manufacturer of PVC conduit products with more than 10 years of industry experience, can meet your various needs on production efficiency and product quality.


manufacturing of Ctube

The Ctube facility, located in Dongguan City and Lechang City of China, is China’s leading and advanced production facility for manufacturing PVC conduit. Our facility strives to meet all industry standards and to achieve the certifications that demonstrate our company’s dedication to meeting environmental and system management requirements. Ctube strictly follows the system under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.  In manufacturing our national certification products, we are committed to electrical safety, cost-effectiveness, and ease of installation

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