3.15 World Consumer Rights Day, Ctube is in action

March 15 is International Consumer Rights Day. It is incumbent on us to protect the rights and interests of consumers. In honor of Consumer Rights Day, Ctube organized an exciting mountain climbing activity. The theme of this activity is to convey the business philosophy of quality first, which aims to make every employee deeply understand the importance of quality first through physical practice.

3.15 World Consumer Rights Day, ctube is inaction

As a professional manufacturer of PVC electrical conduit pipe and fittings, quality has always been the core value of Ctube. Ctube knows that only by adhering to the concept of quality first and ensuring the quality of each product, can we win the trust and support of more consumers in the market. Therefore, this activity is not only an opportunity to relax, but also a profound interpretation of the management philosophy of quality first.

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In the activity, the company’s employees made concerted efforts to complete various group cooperation games, and encouraged each other to climb to the top of the mountain. This kind of teamwork spirit is exactly the embodiment of our quality first concept. When we stood on the top of the mountain overlooking the surrounding landscape, our hearts were filled with awe for life and respect for nature. This tells us Ctube people that only by respecting nature and life can we make products with our heart and better protect the rights and interests of consumers.

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Focus on product quality, practice to become the leader of high-quality PVC electrical conduit manufacturers, Ctube has always been in action.

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