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Ctube Engaged in The Abu Dhabi UAE Al Dhafra PV2 Project

Dec. 08, 2022



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The Abu Dhabi UAE Al Dhafra PV2 Project is the largest PV project in the world. The total project budget is around 1 billion US dollars. After the project is completed, it will meet the electricity demand of 160,000 households and reduce 2.4 million tons of carbon dioxide per year, equivalent to the emissions of 200,000 cars.


Ctube Engaged in The Abu Dhabi UAE Al Dhafra PV2 Project

Because solar products need to be exposed to hot environments for a long time, the performance requirements for sunlight resistance are strict. Moreover, the desert environment is freezing at night. To this end, Ctube has invested considerable funds in research and upgraded its product line. Our latest product can usually keep working in the extremely low-temperature environment of -45°C, which can protect the electrical cable to the greatest extent and avoid damage. At the same time, our solar series products have excellent UV resistance and high-temperature resistance. That is why we can successfully join the project.


As a manufacturer brand, Ctube always insists on providing customers with high-quality products without waste and recycled raw materials. Moreover, we can provide customized solutions according to the customer's project to secure the progress of the customer's project.


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