Good News: Ctube Was Selected As One Of The 100 Outstanding Private Enterprises In Dongguan City

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On April 10, by the Dongguan Branch of Nanfang Daily Newspaper Group Co., Ltd., Dongguan City Federation of Industry and Commerce (Chamber of Commerce), Dongguan City Nancheng Street Office hosted by China Resources Land (Dongguan)Co., Ltd., the Southern Manufacturing Entrepreneurs Alliance, and Dongguan Business School co-organized the “Bay Area to the New, Quality Made in Dongguan” conference.-The 2024 Dongguan Private Entrepreneurs Forum and Wu Xiaobo Bay Area Tour were held grandly! Wu Xiaobo is a well-known financial writer in China. On the day of the event, hundreds of experts from all walks of life, including government, enterprises, media, and academia, as well as representatives of private entrepreneurs gathered at the scene to discuss the tactics and strategies for the high-quality development of Dongguan’s manufacturing industry from their respective fields of specialization, and to talk about the private industry together.

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In order to commend the advanced and set up a benchmark, a list of 100 outstanding private enterprises in Dongguan City was released at the meeting, and Guangdong Ctube Industry Co., Ltd. was honoured to be on the list for its outstanding innovation and brand influence.

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Dongguan is a famous manufacturing city in China, where various types of enterprises grow like a tropical rainforest. The “100 Outstanding Private Enterprises in Dongguan” are judged on the basis of a number of criteria, such as strengthening brand building, promoting transformation and upgrading, strengthening scientific and technological innovation, promoting green and low-carbon development, building an excellent corporate culture, participating in major strategic construction, and expanding overseas markets.

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By adhering to the innovation-driven strategy, relying on its strong technical research and development capability, and adopting the business model of “customisation +”, Ctube has been providing competitive electrical piping solutions for home decoration and engineering projects around the world, and has not only steadily increased its market share in the domestic market, but also won a good reputation in the international market, which has demonstrated the excellent quality of Made-in-China. Being selected as one of the 100 outstanding private enterprises is a high affirmation of the continuous deep ploughing in the electrical pipe industry, leading the technological progress and transformation and upgrading of the industry, and it has a leading role in further consolidating the leading position of Ctube in the brand of professional electrical casing, and in polishing the benchmark name card of “Global Customised Electrical conduit Manufacturer.

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Ten years to sharpen a sword, a hundred years to make a lasting success! After years of deep ploughing and accumulation, Ctube has not only consolidated its position in the domestic home decoration market and reached long-term strategic cooperative relationships with many famous enterprises nationwide, but also gradually built up a strategic layout for globalisation, with its UL651 Standard, CSA Standard, Australian Standard, CE Standard, low-smoke halogen-free and solar energy series products selling well in Europe, America, North America, Australia and other international markets,  and it will be able to take part in the “Building a Belt and Road” project together in 2022. In 2022, the company will participate in the “Belt and Road” benchmark project – Al Dhafra PV2 photovoltaic power station. By taking the lead in advocating the European 6P environmental protection in China and making breakthroughs and developments in environmental protection and green materials, Ctube has taken a new path different from traditional manufacturing enterprises. With the elegance and strength of Made-in-China, Ctube is playing an exemplary role in promoting the green development of the world and leading the new development of the electrical pipeline industry.

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With the list of 100 outstanding private enterprises, Ctube will take this opportunity to make persistent efforts to accelerate the cultivation of new productivity, create core competitiveness, join hands with more excellent upstream and downstream partners to promote industrial transformation and upgrading , and promote the high-quality development of the private economy and private enterprises with a more distinctive posture as a professional electrical conduit leader,  to contribute to the industry’s progress with our power. Ctube will contribute to the progress of the industry by promoting the high-quality development of the private economy and enterprises.

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