Good News: Ctube was Once Again Recognized as a National High-tech Enterprise


The National High-tech Enterprise certification is guided, managed and supervised by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation. The standards are strict and the procedures are rigorous. It is currently one of the most valuable assessments for high-tech enterprises in the country. Obtaining this certification means that the company has certain strength and potential in technology research and development, talent training, market development, etc., and is expected to become an important force in promoting industrial upgrading and innovative development.

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Ctube passed the high-tech enterprise qualification certification as early as 2017, becoming one of the first companies in the electrical conduit industry to obtain high-tech certification. It has passed multiple reviews with its outstanding innovation capabilities and excellent results transformation capabilities. On December 28, 2023, in the 2023 National High-tech Enterprise Certification List of Dongguan City announced by the Office of the National High-tech Enterprise Recognition and Management Leading Group, Ctube lived up to expectations and was listed. This successful recognition fully demonstrates the enterprise’s success. comprehensive strength and technological innovation level.

ctube electrical conduit manufacturer

Since its establishment, Ctube has been committed to providing high-quality, healthy and practical electrical conduit customization services to global users. With professional and innovation as its differentiated competitiveness, the company has not only achieved high-quality development, but also achieved fruitful results. continues to emerge. In 2023, it was recognized as a Guangdong Province Specialized and Sophisticated SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise). In March 2024, the “whole-house assembled” live electrical casing wiring solution won the national patent certificate (National Patent Number: ZL2018 1 0197045.0). As of today, the company has nearly 50 national invention patents, ranking at the forefront of the industry.

ctube pvc electrical conduit manufacturer

On the road of development, Ctube has actively sought changes and deepened its market penetration. It has been expanding categories and external expansion. It has broken away from the field of customization of home decoration electrical pipes, and its products have changed from single to diversified, from red and blue wire pipes for home decoration to From the transparent wire conduit series to solar, low smoke halogen-free, UL651 American standard, CSA standard, Australian standard, British standard and other series of products, we have completed epic changes and achieved breakthrough results in the international market. For example, the solar electrical casing series products provide strong technical support for the world’s largest single photovoltaic project – Al Dhafra PV2 in Abu Dhabi, demonstrating the global competitive advantage of Ctube.

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In the future, Ctube will continue to improve its innovation and scientific research capabilities, and use its leading international advantages in customization of electrical conduit to create safer and more reliable power electrical conduit systems for global users, help enhance the global competitiveness of China’s manufacturing industry, and open up the electrical conduit industry. Let’s wait and see in the new era of Ctube!

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