Good News: Ctube Won the Seventh CBDA Residential Industry (Hongding) Innovation Competition Top 10 Function Award

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On April 26-27, the “2023-2024 Residential Industry Annual Conference and Home Decoration Practical Empowerment Conference” hosted by the Residential Decoration and Components Industry Branch of the China Building Decoration Association and hosted by Guizhou Xibian Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Guiyang, Guizhou ! The winners of the 7th CBDA Housing Industry (Hongding) Innovation Competition were also announced at this ceremony. The Dacromet cassette anti-rust system of Ctube won the “Hongding Function” award in the component design industry with its innovative functional advantages!

pvc conduit manufacturer Ctube

(Hongding) Innovation Competition is the only professional competition in China that covers all categories of residential interior design and component industrial design. Its uniqueness and professionalism are reflected in the competition and selection of works. In the past ten years, Ctube has insisted on product innovation, continuously delivered high-quality works, and actively assisted the innovative development of China’s home decoration industry.

pvc conduit manufacturer Ctube

It has achieved outstanding results in previous competitions: Ctube seamless connection box and integrated TV background switch bottom box won the Hongding Technology Top 10 and Hongding Function Top 10 awards respectively in the fifth (Hongding) Innovation Competition. , “Load-bearing wall live wire safety system” won the top 10 red tripod function award in the sixth competition. In this competition, Ctube’s Dacromet cassette anti-rust system went through a rigorous process including preliminary review of materials and expert letter evaluation, and stood out from more than 200 works. It once again achieved good results, demonstrating its resilience in technological innovation.

electrical conduit manufacturer Ctube

The past 2023 was a year of accelerated change in the housing industry. The industry faced shrinking upstream traffic, policy bonuses, intensified cross-sector competition, and heightened consumer awareness… pressures and challenges from various aspects such as cycles, economy, market, and consumption. In such a general environment, this annual meeting, with the theme of “Keeping integrity, innovating and making progress while maintaining stability”, aims to enable colleagues in the housing industry to truly serve the purpose by taking “practical combat” as the starting point and “empowerment” as the goal. At turning points and pain points, companies can learn about blind spots, find bright spots, and seek breakthrough points, so as to better harvest their own breakthrough points.

pvc electrical conduit manufacturer Ctube

Wang Zhongqi, President of the China Building Decoration Association, delivered an opening speech for this event. In his speech, he interpreted the theme of this meeting. He emphasized that to be honest, and innovative, we must adhere to integrity, abide by product standards and bottom lines, innovate and explore models and paths to adapting to market changes; making progress while maintaining stability means achieving steady and high-quality development in the process of market development and promoting the steady and long-term development of the annual meeting of the housing industry along the correct development direction. In Chairman Wang’s view, the national level’s emphasis on the industry has brought us development opportunities, and the association will also play a leading role in the industry, inject fresh impetus into the industry, and create new productivity for the housing industry.

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Wang Zhongqi, President of China Building Decoration Association

At the meeting, Hu Yanan, secretary-general of the Residential Industry Branch of China Decoration Association, delivered a speech with the theme of “Keeping Integrity, Innovating, and Striving for Progress.” She believed that the current market has entered a stock cycle, a negative population growth cycle, and a rapid technology iteration cycle. At the same time, it also encountered that due to the violent and ruthless small environmental changes, the incremental real estate market has entered a weaning period, and the second-hand intermediaries in the existing real estate market have stopped. Facing the external environment and the subversion of the industry structure, the home decoration industry needs to subvert itself from within. At the same time, it also affirmed the active exploration of home decoration companies in transformation, transforming from home decoration services to residential integrated service providers, integrating parts and materials, furniture soft decoration, smart homes, home appliances, etc. to form a new home retail model.

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Hu Yanan, Secretary-General of the Residential Industry Branch of China Decoration Association

In addition, industry leaders also conducted an in-depth analysis of the existing business model, product planning, and service system of the home decoration industry in 2024. In response to the fundamental changes that have taken place in the industry, how can decoration companies respond to the disruptive changes in the market environment and industrial structure? response. Among them, Dai Jiangping, chairman of Jinzhao Decoration, who represents the leader in corporate standards, shared the keynote speech of “Front Runner” New Productivity in leading the new trend in the home decoration industry and integrating innovation, quality, and age-appropriate decoration. Yuan Chaohui, chairman of Shijia Decoration, emphasized that project delivery is the cornerstone of the brand of home decoration companies under the theme of “intensive project delivery and practicing leader quality control”.

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Dai Jiangping, Chairman of Jinzhao Decoration

pvc conduit manufacturer

Yuan Chaohui, Chairman of Shijia Decoration

Lan Jixiao, chairman of the board of directors of Mingdiao Decoration, who represents a “star-rated enterprise with credit rating”, shared a keynote speech on “Building a Foundation of Integrity and Helping the High-Quality Development of the Home Decoration Industry” at the meeting; “Sailboat, crossing the sea of mind for the development of home decoration industry” shared as the theme; Yu Min, President of Xingyi Decoration, shared under the theme of “Exchanging trust with “sincerity” and winning with “quality””; Chairman of Nanhong Decoration Zhu Xukang shared a keynote speech on “Practice Integrity and Innovation Along the Way”. Since 2020, the Residential Industry Branch of the China Decoration Association has begun to establish a credit evaluation system for home decoration companies, aiming to form an honest and promise-keeping star-level home decoration echelon and create a terminal market environment where good money drives out bad money. This event is another example of the system. New blood was injected.

pvc conduit manufacturer

pvc conduit manufacturer

The “2024 Research Report on the Development of Digital and Intelligent Applications in the Residential Industry” was also released at the meeting. With the development of technology, the home decoration industry has gradually entered the intelligent stage. At the same time, with the fast-forward button pressed on the “new infrastructure” including 5G networks, big data centers, and artificial intelligence, AI and IoT technologies are gradually implemented, providing technical support for the full implementation of technological upgrades in the home decoration industry. The release of this research report It points out a new direction for how digital intelligence can be truly applied to the home decoration industry.

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During the grand event, the award-winning works of the Red Tripod Innovation Competition in the two major categories of residential space design and component industrial design, which were selected through strict review by the judges, were commended. In order to stimulate the innovation ability of designers, lead the trend of home decoration design, break down the information barriers between home decoration companies, designers and component companies, and work together to present the most cutting-edge Chinese good home decoration to consumers.

China pvc electrical conduit manufacturer Ctube

Ctube won the Seventh CBDA Residential Industry (Hongding) Innovation Competition Top 10 Function Award

The award-winning work of Ctube – the Dacromet cassette anti-rust system is a new “seamless junction box” developed and launched in response to the pain points in the use of bottom boxes on the market. Its main features are:

1) Replace traditional iron angle codes with brace accessories and adopt Dacromet process nuts, which have enhanced corrosion resistance, heat-resistant temperature can reach more than 300°C, and have no hydrogen embrittlement, and the durability is significantly improved;

2) Add posts on both sides of the box to prevent the screws from scratching the wires;

3) Equipped with an integrated bottom box protective cover, the buckle design is convenient for installation, and additional screw holes are added for more flexible use.

pvc electrical conduit fittings manufacturer Ctube

Ctube – the Dacromet cassette anti-rust system

This conference also created a new format of “Practical Empowerment TED”. On-site industry leaders focused on the three core topics of product strategy, business model, and traffic management to provide unique first-hand insights and contribute to the high-quality development of the home decoration industry. .

Enterprise development is an arduous and long journey, and it must be improved in a day, do so each day, forever building on improvement. Ctube has always adhered to the innovation-driven strategy, continued technology and product innovation, and adhered to the concept of ingenuity and quality, continuing to deepen the brand image of “Global Electrical Conduit Customizer” and providing more customers with professional pipe solutions and services, thereby It effectively promotes the sustainable development of itself and the entire industry, and empowers decoration enterprise groups and major home furnishing brands to reach a new level.

ctube pvc conduit manufacturer

Finally, wish the “2023-2024 Housing Industry Annual Conference Home Decoration Practical Empowerment Conference, and the 7th CBDA Housing Industry (Hongding) Innovation Competition a complete success.

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